Sponsor Tickets

Individual VIP and Standard Sponsor Tickets will be offered as “date-specific” tickets in 2017. These should be purchased online at www.ribfest.net or through one of our Sponsorship Team members (see the last page for contact info). 

Major Sponsors ($8,000) and larger will receive their choice of either:

  • An equal number of electronic or printed date-specific Sponsor Tent tickets for the four days of the event.


  • Unique ticket codes which are good for a one-day Sponsor Tent ticket but the date of the ticket to attend must be selected by June 15, 2017 at www.ribfest.net. Codes not redeemed by June 15th, 2017 will be exchanged into date-specific Sponsor Tent tickets as availability permits.

Ribfest is approaching quickly! Bonus tickets are available if you act now. If your order is received and PAID IN FULL by April 15th, 2017*, additional tickets are available for all sponsor packages. Before June 1st, 2017*, if you increase your sponsorship from your current commitment, additional tickets are also available. Please see the chart below for more information.


*Ticket pricing subject to change and some nights may have limited quantities and/or additional expense.