Third Eye Blind to Support Ribfest September 15, 2023

Published 8/2/2023

Legendary San Francisco-based rock band, Third Eye Blind, headline Ribfest’s Friday night at the DuPage Event Center and Fairgrounds in Wheaton, IL on Friday, September 15, 2023. “Third Eye Blind is the perfect band to kick-off Ribfest 2023,” said 2023 Ribfest Chair Jerry Kochurka, “We are very excited that they are going to be with us and light up the evening.” About Third Eye Blind Since 1997, San Francisco's Third Eye Blind has recorded five best-selling albums and assembled one career retrospective. Led by Stephan Jenkins, 3EB has earned worldwide success during a tumultuous group of years when the major-label recording industry was finally losing its grip on an enterprise that for decades it had dominated with steely efficiency. Nothing could have made 3EB happier! Third Eye Blind’s 2021 album Our Bande Apart was recorded when lockdown ended, with Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast and Ryan Olson of Poliça. The band has continued to have gained artistic clarification—and, surprisingly, a fanbase that is larger, younger and more dedicated than ever. Third Eye Blind supported SeaTrees on its 2022 tour, an organization that helps restore a portion of the Palos Verdes Kelp Forest. The ocean has the power to restore climate change. The latest science shows that globally, kelp forests can sequester more carbon than mangrove forests - restoring these sequoias of the sea is critical to solving climate change as 93% of all carbon in the carbon cycle is stored in our oceans (meaning just 7% is stored across our atmosphere and land biosphere. Ribfest is the major fundraiser hosted by the Exchange Club of Naperville to help fight child abuse and domestic violence, while strengthening families in our local communities. As a result of these fundraising efforts, in Ribfest’s 32 years, over $18 million has been contributed back to our local communities in support of these causes. Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities as well as detailed event information can be found at Follow Ribfest on social media for updated information, and additional upcoming artist announcements and ticket on-sales

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